Safety, Security and Comfort

30 plus years experience in the industry, plus cutting edge technologies and the ability to design and implement even the most stringent of security systems is what we bring to the table for each of our customers. Let us design a solution for YOU!

10 Vital Questions to ask when choosing a Security Company….

Do I have to sign a contract?
What is the length of the contract?
Does this equipment belong to me?
Does my system have a lockout code?
Is the person that works on my alarm
an employee or outside contractor?
Can you guarantee the lowest price?
Can I access my account online?
How often does my system test itself?
I was offered a free system, why can’t you?
I don’t think I can afford this. Do I have any options?


 Installation Service - Business
We can design and install a system suitable for your small business facility. Coupled with our monitoring services, your facility will be protected.

 Installation Service - Corporate
Corporate security systems can be large and complex. Let us help you implement a system that has everything you need to secure your buildings and properties.

Installation Service - Residential
Protection for your family and personal property is the most important protection of all. Let us show you how to do it right.

 Monitoring Services
We offer plans with multiple levels of monitoring, we can recommend the coverage that is best suited for you!

Asset Location and Tracking Services
We can track your fleet or other assets, giving you real time information on location, traveling speed and direction, as well as a history.

 Personal Location and Tracking Service
We offer tracking systems for your loved ones and pets. Your vehicles can be located and tracked as well. Always be sure!